The Title Page

The title page consists of the title of the report as well as essential elements to identify who you are, the course you are submitting to, and what the assignment is about. For more information about how to write a good title for your title page, see below.

The Title
The title is centered, bolded, and placed three to four lines down from the top of the title page with the first letter of each major word capitalised. The title can be challenging to write but the purpose of the title is to give the reader a summary of the content of your report. Due to being a summary of your report, the title is the last section to write when you have completed your report. By writing the title last, you're familiar with the content of your report and can write it with ease. Your goal should be to produce a title that can stand alone with no further explanation. See some tips below on how to write a title.
Be Specific
A title should only contain words that add meaning. Write succinctly whilst including enough information. Phrases such as "A Study Examining" or "An Experimental Investigation" do not add meaning to your title. Instead get straight to the point and almost give away the results of your research to provide a more specific title, for example, "How Mood Impacts Upon Heart Rate Variability".
Key Words
In order to be specific you need to use key words. To identify keys words examine your study conclusion. Seeing that your title is a summary of your research, examine your conclusion and identify what were the main ideas and key words that came out of the research and use these to write your title.
Title Length
Aim for a title that is between 7 and 15 words in length. A title that is too brief will not convey enough information to the reader. On the other hand, a title that is too long may contain irrelevant information and distract the reader from the main topic of your assignment.