The Griffith University Cover Sheet

It is a requirement that all assignments are submitted with the official Griffith University cover sheet attached.

Click HERE for to download an 'assignment template' document FOR GROUP ASSIGNMENTS which has the 'group assignment' university cover page already attached.

Please note that templates that can be downloaded only have the assignment cover sheet merged. You still need to format your title page and the remainder of your assignment manuscript according to the APA 7th Edition specifications outlined here on REDBOOK.

The Title Page

Research reports, essays, and other forms of written assessment should have a title page on the first page. Please make sure that your assignment includes a title page and that you include all the necessary information on it.

The title page provides important information about you, the course, and information about the assignment itself. The title page consists of:

  • The full title of the report
  • Your name
  • Affiliation (i.e. Griffith University)
  • Your student number
  • The course code
  • Your tutor’s name
  • Your tutorial time
  • The date the report is due
  • The date the report is submitted
  • The actual word count

The title of the assessment can be the most challenging component to write. For more information about how to write a clear and relevant title see our tips on writing a title. Another important element of the title page is the word count. You calculate the word count by following the rules set out by the school. The word count must be accurate. Deliberately falsifying the word count will be taken as grounds for academic misconduct. If you are having difficulty in writing the assignment within the word limit, see our tips on how to write concisely.